My reason for starting this company was to make a change in the industry.When working as an actress I felt that people constantly disrespected my time and had no qualms about changing things last minute and just expected me to jump on board and be ok with the changes even if it meant, “in this scene we want you to be topless”.

There are a few companies out there that I really enjoyed working with but more often it was not the respect I felt myself and everyone on the team deserved that was being dished out. My goal for D.O.E is a work place where everyone feels respected and valued and given chances to really shine in their chosen field.


I hope you choose to work with us and I look forward to creating not only great projects but also great memories.



Sean is a former Royal Marines Commando Officer turned professional writer, actor and producer. Following his graduation from King’s College London with a BSc (Hons) in Molecular Genetics, Sean undertook what is regarded as the most arduous initial military training in the world: the 14months Royal Marines Officer Training and subsequently served as an Officer in the Royal Marine Commandos.

Sean Lerwill is also a five time published author, successful cover model, actor and qualified teacher.

Sean has been working in the industry for over 10 years and has experience in film, TV and commercials. Sean brings the work ethic, team ethos and standards of the Royal Marines to everything he does and thus DOE is formed out of a desire to raise the standards of each and every production to the very best they can be, while ensuring everyone has a voice and has the ability to do their best work to ensure the production is the very best it can be.

DOE is a production company born out of frustration and a desire to raise industry standards. Both of our founders have a wealth of experience from a myriad of productions in the UK and abroad; and it is out of that, that our  ethos was born.

“Treat as you wish to be treated”. 

DOE’s aim is that everyone on set will feel respected for their time and what they bring to the table.

DOE’s founders have worked on everything from micro budget to Hollywood Blockbusters, and witnessed and experienced the downsides as well as the upsides of the industry! Doe want to avoid the pitfalls witness such as lack of respect for people’s time or a hierarchy that divides cast and crew. When you work with DOE we will ensure you leave feeling valued and appreciated all the while being given the opportunity to excel in your area of expertise.

We want to enjoy what we do daily and thus everyone must enjoy what they are all doing. Our projects must excite us and everyone else involved if they are going to fulfil what DOE stands for.





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